Effective Physical Therapy Is Committed To Provide A Personalized, Premium Service For The Active Adult.

We help Active Adults Restore Their Active Lifestyle Without Surgery or Medication!

You don’t have to stop doing the things you love. No matter who says you can’t or shouldn’t.

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Pain isn’t the only thing you’re dealing with.

When you get injured, your mental health takes a hit, too.

Your doctor tells you you can’t run, going to the gym just hurts, and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to just enjoy life again.

The answer is yes. Stopping is not an option.

That’s where effective physical therapy comes in. You’ve got a game to win.

Our Patient-Centered Approach

We Follow A Proven System That Allows Us To Get Repeatable, Predictable Results For You

The 3-Step Process To Your Best Self

Effective Physical Therapy Staff

Step 1. Hop on a FREE phone consult

This is where it starts. This is a totally noncommittal consult where we take 15-20 minutes to listen to what's going on, what you’ve tried, and how this is affecting your life so we can understand your situation.

Effective Physical Therapy Front Desk

Step 2. Book your evaluation

During your eval, We piece the parts of your story together using our unique EPT evaluation that looks at your body as one and find out the true cause of your problems.

Effective Physical Therapy Assessment

Step 3. Map out your personalized game plan

Based on your assessment, we’ll develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to you and your goals. The tailored plan will ultimately get you stronger, pain-free, and on track to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

How Effective Physical Therapy Can Help You

Return To Sport Physical Therapy Program

Personal 1:1 session like you’ve never had before. Our Physical Therapists get you out of pain through a combination of education, manual therapy, dry needling, and hard work in the gym. We don’t just put a band-aid on your injury, we fix the root cause of it. We guide you step by step back to lifting, running, and jumping without limitations or pain.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Program

Our Pelvic Health Physical Therapy will alleviate your symptoms through education, manual therapy, and then hard work in the gym. We move beyond just table or bodyweight exercises; we guide you step by step back to lifting, running, and jumping without limitations or symptoms. Dudes this means you, too.

Get To Know The Effective Physical Therapy Family...

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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Effective Physical Therapy...

Here’s What Many Of Our Palm Springs And Palm Beach Based Patients And Clients Come To Our Physical Therapy Clinic In For Help With:

We offer Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Vibroacoustic Therapy, and our newest advanced technology, the 830Laser to patients of all ages for a wide variety of conditions.

Our practice serves people from Palm Springs, Palm Beach, and surrounding areas near you .

We will be able to help you with conditions such as…

And so much more!

Wondering If Effective Physical Therapy Is Right For You?

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Total Body Diagnostic

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